Breakfast // Acai Bowl


I found a new love and it’s called acai bowl ;). On my personal Instagram account (I have one for my recipes too) I saw more and more healthy people enjoying acai bowls – they look gorgeous and tasty. But I didn’t really know what it was or how it was made, and so I looked it up.

The Acai Bowl
It’s simply a dish whose main ingredient is pureed acai berry or acai powder. Additional ingredients can include almost anything, but are typically granola, oatmeal, bananas, strawberries or other fruits. And so it turnes out to be even easier than I thought. Get your hands on some Naturya Acai Powder (or another organic brand), add a big scoop to your oatmeal, (nut)milk or yogurt, add the other ingredients you love, done! The taste of the acai is very fresh and it makes your ‘regular’ breakfast even healthier than it was. The recipe (but like I said, experiment yourself!):

  • 250 ml rice milk
  • 1 scoop acai powder
  • 1 scoop soaked oatmeal
  • 2 tbs pomegranate seeds
  • fresh mixed berries
  • dried mulberries
  • dried inca berries

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy!

Acai Bowl

Although some have said that acai benefits include burning fat, slowing aging, lowering high cholesterol, and increasing libido, it seems safe to say that the most likely benefits you could receive from acai are those you would get from any food with antioxidants and healthy omega acids: reduction of free radicals and improvement in heart health.

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  1. Jess says:

    Is it okay if I cook my oatmeal instead of soaking? since it’s faster…?

    1. Yes thats ok! Be sure to cool it down after cooking (rinse it).

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