Salad // Bulgur + Pomegranate + Mint

Bulgur Salad

Just recently I found out that Bulgur is perfect for salads. I ate it before, but never in a salad. It’s just like couscous, but slightly ‘thicker’. Last weekend, I had to make a quick lunch before I went into town. The food box ‘De Krat‘ had just arrived – a big box full of delicious organic fresh food. I used the tomatoes (so tasty), salad and yogurt (so creamy) from the box to make this lovely salad. It might be too ‘summery’ for now, but give it a try! The flavours are amazing. For two portions you’ll need:

  • 200 gr bulgur (Ekoplaza or Whole Foods)
  • 5 tomatoes
  • 100 gr green leaves (mixed salad)
  • The seeds of 1 pomegranate
  • 1 branch of fresh mint
  • 100 ml yogurt
  • The juice of 1 lime

Soak the bulgur, cut the tomatoes into slices and chop the mint. Put the green leaves in a big bowl, add the tomatoes, yogurt, pomegranate seeds and the lime juice. Last, add the soaked bulgur and stirr. Enjoy!

Note: I’ve made this salad again and added a mix of chopped mulberries, goji berries & almonds for an extra crunch. That made the big difference – it’s perfect now :).

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Bulgur Yogurt Mint

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