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Streekbox Review by Rosalie Ruardy //

Few weeks ago I reviewed the foodbox ‘De Krat‘. Now, I’ve tried & tested the food box ‘Streekbox‘. It’s similar, but offers some other options.  Streekbox promises:

  • fresh and healthy for the whole family
  • seasonal & local vegetables, eggs & meat
  • enough food for 3 complete meals
  • great recipes
  • fair trade with local farmers

The content of the box varies every week. You can choose yourself if you want to receive Streekbox every week or once in two weeks. There are 4 different boxes with the options of receiving it once a month, twice a month or every week:

Veggie Box €37,00
Veggie Family Box €45,00
Basic box €44,00
Family Box €49,00

Review Streekbox by Rosalie Ruardy

So, what do these boxes contain and what box might be the best for you? On their website, this overview is really handy. I’ve translated it for you:

  • The Basic Box €44,00 (every week). Suitable for a two persons household who love to cook and do so often. Also suitable for a small family (2 young kids).
  • The Veggie Box €37,00 & Basic Box €44,00 (once a month). Suitable for a single or a two-persons household. It’s perfect for people who want to be surprised with unknown & good local products. The Veggiebox €37,00 & Basic Box €44,00 (twice a month). Suitable for a single person who loves to cook and who enjoys cooking for friends once in a while. It’s also suitable for a two-persons household with people that love to cook with good ingredients, but who don’t have time to cook every day.
  • The Family Box €49,00 & Veggie Family Box €42,00 (twice a month). Suitable for a family with 3 or 4 grown ups, who love to cook and do so often. The Family Box €49,00 (every week). Suitable for a big family with two or more teenage kids. This box is perfect for busy parents that don’t have the time to shop local & organic groceries every week.

Check out their delivery area and delivery timetable (The Netherlands only) here.

What I loved most
The content of my Basic Streekbox was fresh, tasty and good. Lots of great ingredients. My favorite ingredients where the tasty tomatoes and the huge zucchini. I’ve used this to make a vegetarian pasta. I’m not really a fan of whipped cream, but I added a little to my pasta sauce, making it creamy and delicious. The apples where really good, juicy and sweet. I’ve made some nice juices with these beauties!

Streekbox Review by Rosalie Ruardy //

What recipes did I make with the ingredients:

  • Vegetarian Pasta
  • Apple juice
  • Pasta Bolognese (recipe by Jamie Oliver)
  • Pear juice
  • Big omelet with mushrooms, parsley & cheese

With every box you get a printed list with some amazing recipes! Find them all here.

The whole list of my Streekbox ingredients is found here (in Dutch). I think it just really depends on what week you receive it, one week the box might be full of new veggies and items that you have never seen before, the other week can be less fun and new, but never less tasty and good :). In my opinion, Streekbox is a great food box, filled with the best, fair trade and organic products from the Dutch countryside. Perfect for people like me who work late and can’t always make it to the organic grocery store in time.

Do you have a similar product and would you like me to review it? Contact me via Facebook.

Streekbox Review by Rosalie Ruardy //

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