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Juice Detox


Last week I’ve completed my juice detox. It was – again – a week FULL of endless energy. And I mean endless. Like that guy from Limitless but without the bad ending. Well, actually… There was a minor bad ending to my detox: my own body reminded me that it is super important to gradually get back to your ‘normal’ healthy diet. I’ve had some severe headaches after I ate some fish, bread (I haven’t eaten both in almost a month) and treated myself to a Thai massage – that spreaded these ‘toxins’ in my body. Not a good idea. 

Juice detoxing is something you should do carefully. There are definitely some do’s and don’t. I’m writing a complete review with learnings, do’s & don’ts and some answers to your questions.

My questions to you guys:

  • Have you ever done a juice detox? 
  • If yes – which one and why?
  • If no – why not, what’s keeping you? 
  • What would you like to know and learn about juice detoxing?

I want to make my review as complete and helpful as possible. Comment or question below this article or on my Facebook page. Thanks so much in advance, your help means a lot to me :).  

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie De Brabander says:

    Can you eat tofu when you’re detoxing?

  2. Caroline Smits says:

    I never did detox. I willtry it. My questions are:
    – How many smoothies/juices you should drink in one day?
    – Which ingredients you should put in your smoothie during detox days to get enough energy, nutrients, vitamines and minerals.

    1. Caroline Smits says:

      I forget to add, During detox days you should eat organic food, but how about superfoods? I saw you can buy superfoods at nuts bar or everywhere. Should I buy superfoods at the organic shop safety?

    2. Hi! About 6 to 8 juices a day. I love juices/smoothies with apple, pear, carrots, ginger, avocado, banana, raspberries, kale, kiwi and so on. If you want to add superfoods, organic is best but if your budget doesnt allow it, just buy them at the nut store, that’s good too!

      1. Caroline Smits says:

        Thanks for advice! Look at your instagram. I just posted pica of my breakfast. Inspired by you:)

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