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Sushi & Oesters // Rosalie Ruardy (Blog)

As you might have noticed, I’m currently posting a little less content than usual. It’s time to come clear about this: I have two new family members at home – two kitties named Moos & Mila! Oooo my god, yaaay! The crazy cat lady that was buried deep inside me is on the loose again, I’m so happy with these two little monsters.

My priorities have slightly changed from shooting photos during the weekends to giving these two the love and attention they crave. Moos & Mila are still very young (8/9 weeks) but they are growing fast. This ‘silent period’ on my blog won’t last forever – however I am asking for you patience 🙂

I will be back! In the meanwhile, I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible – also taking on yoga again. Every once in a while, I treat myself to a big plate of lovely sushi and oysters. Not as vega as you might expect of me, but I think it’s important to let those ‘rules’ go every now and then and just indulge. You’re worth it 😉

Enjoy your day and stay healthy!

Question – Would you like to see a kitty in my recipe photos every now and then (like the photos in this blog)? They are really curious and I think I would find it funny… Curious to hear how you think about it!

Sushi en OestersSushi & Oesters // Rosalie Ruardy (Blog)Sushi & MoosMoos & Mila // Rosalie Ruardy (Blog) #kitties #cats

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