Review // The Dutch Weed Burger

The Dutch Weed Burger DIY Kit  // Rosalie Ruardy

A 100% vegan burger made out of sea weed. For healthy foodies, this sounds like heaven. But most people will be a bit suspicious: can this be delicious? The answer is yes. A big yes. The people of The Dutch Weed Burger are on a mission – and they made it a tasty one:

“Our innovative burger goes beyond to what we’ve known so far in the vegan burger business: the taste and bite is like no other. It’s not just delicious, but super healthy and sustainable at the same time. Scientists have discovered sea weed and algae to be the superfoods of the future. They can help us fight food-scarcity.”

At Arq in Rotterdam, I’ve tasted the burger for the first time, and a second time during the lunch with the Dutch vegan bloggers: De Groene Meisjes. I loved the taste and bite right away. The crispy paddy, creamy weedsauce and the algae bun, hmmm. Now, I’ve been used to healthy and vegan food so it was no surprise that I liked it. Let’s put this to the test and serve it to Thomas, a burger-meat-loving friend. I picked up the DIY kit and asked Thomas to come over for a taste test…

The Dutch Weed Burger DIY Kit

Yes, that’s right. There is a The Dutch Weed Burger DIY kit. And no, this is not available for everyone – it’s actually just for restaurants that want to taste/review the burger before ordering it and putting it on the menu. Maybe, just maybe, they will sell this in the future at Ekoplaza or Marqt – at least I hope so :D!

It’s easy! 
Making the burger is really easy!

  1. The whole package is frozen – get it out of the freezer and wait for it to defrost.
  2. The sauce and bun are really when defrosted. I put the bun in the oven for some minutes, just to make it crispier.
  3. The paddy is already ‘done’, you just need to heat it up for 2 minutes (high temperature) in oil and then 5 minutes on medium heat to make sure it’s hot all the way through.
  4. Almost there! Just add your favourite veggies (like cucumber, tomato)

That’s it! Scroll down for some photos and the final verdict by Thomas!

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The verdict
At home, the burger tasted great too. And did Thomas like it? While I was making the burger, he warned me a couple of time: “You know these kinda things are not really for me, huh?” and “I’m not the best person to review this I think!” but also: “Did you get anything else for dinner just in case…?” Well, he can be really challenging/difficult when it comes to food. I think that’s why he IS the perfect person to review the burger. He got quiet when I put the burger in front of him. He liked what he saw (as he should). Within 5 minutes, the burger was gone – he ate it all. “And..?” I asked him. He would not prefer this burger over a meat burger, and so he would not really order this in a restaurant. That said, really liked the taste! And that my friends, is a big deal! The people of The Dutch Weed Burger have developed a burger that (I think) everyone can enjoy. Chapeau!!

The Dutch Weed Burger Review

The Dutch Weed Burger

The Dutch Weed Burger Review

The Dutch Weed Burger Review

This empty plate says it all. Are your curious for this vegan burger? Try it yourself, see in which restaurants this burger is served.

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  1. Sophie33 says:

    This DIY kit looks lovely & cool! A wonderful appetizing burger bun & a total burger meal that looks so appetizing, wonderful & healthy too! x

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