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Jogha Delivery

Last week, I was one of the lucky few that got picked to play model for a day for the new activewear brand Jogha (by Fitgirlcode Founder Aranka). Together with a cool group of Fitgirlcode fitgirls & ambassadors we shared an amazing day full of good foodmodel coaching, pampering – all after a good night’s sleep at the CitizenM.

A day full of great energy – how awesome to meet so much inspiring women who made blogging and helping people to get fit their fulltime job.

As of today, the brand Jogha is officially launched. I just received my Jogha goodies – the clothes are really gorgeous and the quality is amazing. You can just see and feel that this is the good stuff! Well done, girls!

The awesome backstage video report by Slope Film: 

Enjoy the backstage shots, scroll all the way down to see the official photos & my favourite Jogha pieces

Jogha Shoot
Stayed the night at CitizenM!
CitizenM Rotterdam
I’ve stayed at the CitizenM before – really love the beds: so comfy!Alarm at 6.30!
Alarm at 6.30…
Jogha Photo Shoot Backstage Fitgirlcode
Breakfast & working where possible at CitizenM – while waiting to get our make up & hair done.Make up & hair done - loved it.
Make up & hair pampering- loved it
Backstage Photo Shoot Jogha - Runninglau Fannetiek Rosalie Ruardy Fitgirlcode
Backstage smiles with Runninglau, Fitwithashley & FannetiekJogha Photo Shoot Fitgirlcode
Obligatory make up selfie – I think I’ve never had this much make up on my face… Not my thing, but fun for a day!
Jogha Photo Shoot
Esmee & Aranka
Esmee, Anna, Rosalie // Fitgirlcode Jogha Photo Shoot
Posing with Esmee & Anna

And now, the official photos!

Posing (thanks to Modelworkout‘s coaching)
Jogha Anna and Rosalie
My favourite shot! 

I’m already a big fan of Jogha. Loving the clothes too? Go and order your Jogha clothing online!

My favourite pieces:

Did you order already? Share your #jogha stories via Instagram!

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  1. Marte says:

    Plaatje!! Mooie foto’s hoor!

  2. Plaatje!! Mooi hoor! 🙂

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