Strala Yoga in Amsterdam with Tara Stiles


During my mindfulness month I was invited to join a Reebok x Strala Yoga class on a sunny morning with Tara Stiles at Studio 191 in Amsterdam. I don’t think that Tara needs an introduction, she is founder and owner of Strala Yoga in New York and a world famous yoga teacher.

Watch the video to get an impression of the morning with Tara Stiles:

Strala Yoga 
What is Strala Yoga? Strala is a movement-based system of yoga that lets people feel into the full range of their selves. They focus on moving over posing, and help people find their own way into their own bodies. It’s all about a strong body, calm mind and an overall feeling of happiness. People are building strength and flexibility evenly in their bodies, while cultivating a calm and focused mind.




I’ve never tried Strala before and I felt really lucky to have my first class led by Tara Stiles. It was a really fun, happy and flowy class. It’s not to be compared with anything else – i loved it. Strala is relaxing, your body feels really easy, the movements feel a bit like slowly dancing. Because your body is constantly moving – as opposed to moving from pose to pose – your mind wanders less and you can really get your body & mind into a ‘enjoy now’ state of mind.

Strala with Tara Stiles // Studio 191 Amsterdam - Rosalie Ruardy


Tara is a really fun, down to earth and inspiring teacher. Her voice is really calm and her movements are really dancy, bendy and so awesome to see. She is so connected with herself and in total control of her body, you can just tell by the way she moves and talks.




As far as I know, Strala is a movement that is becoming bigger and bigger – but it’s not yet landed in every yoga studio around the corner. Are you in Amsterdam? Definitely hop by Studio 191 to enjoy Strala!

Want to try it at home? Check out this ‘Strala at Home’ playlist by Tara Stiles:

Tara, Reebok & Studio 191: Thank you & Namasté 🙂


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kaja says:

    Hi Rosalie! how great that you could join a class with Tara!! I was also wondering where u bought ur lovely yoga pants?:-)) Normally I just use black ones, but those look really nice!thanks and warm regards! Kaja

    1. Hey Kaja! Ohh it was great :). These lovely pants where a gift from Reebok and they are really comfy! Normally I buy my yoga pants at, which are also really awesome and comfy.

      ps. Did you know I also have a Dutch website? 😀

      Kind regards!

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