Roasted Chickpea Salad

Chickpea Salad // Rosalie Ruardy

Looking for an easy healthy meal that’s ready within 10 minutes? Check out this recipe! This spicy & fresh salad with roasted chickpeas and smoked pepper makes a wonderful lunch or light dinner.

TIP – Want to add extra protein? This will tast great with smoked chicken or black beans. Also really tasty with a toasted slice of bread with hummus.

What do you need for 2 persons? 

  •      1 can chickpeas
  •      2 smoked peppers (from a jar) 
  •       2 handful of mixed green salad
  •      1 handful dried apricots 
  •      1 avocado
  •      ½ Spanish pepper
  •      2 tbs parsley 
  •      1 tbs cayenne powder
  •      1 tbs kurkuma powder
  •       Juice of 1 lime 
  •      Olive oil, pepper & salt

This is how you make it: 

  1.    Wash the chickpeas and dry them with kitchen towel
  2.    Roast the chickpeas in a pan on medium heat with the cayenne & kurkuma powder
  3.    Put the mixed salad greens on a plate, add the avocado & pepper (in slices) 
  4.    Cut the Spanish pepper and apricots into small pieces and add to the salad
  5.    Add the chickpeas when they are ready, after about 8 minutes (the chickpeas are ready when they are hard and headed throughly – you can also use the oven
  6.    Garnish with finely chopped parsley and use the lime juice, olive oil, pepper & salt to flavour it

That’s it! Enjoy 🙂

Chickpea Salad // Rosalie Ruardy

Chickpea Salad // Rosalie Ruardy

Chickpea Salad // Rosalie Ruardy

Chickpea Salad // Rosalie Ruardy

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