Ceviche in Guatemala

Hola, buenas!
Rosalie Guatemala

Yes, I’m back from my trip to Guatemala – it was so special! You can take a look at my best holiday shots on Instagram.

The gorgeous, lush country with it’s delicious meals really inspired me. You’ll notice soon enough – expect tropical recipes and vibrant food styling. I also discovered a new favourite dish: Ceviche.

Guatemala Ceviche El Paradon Surfhouse

This super fresh and healthy meal consists of raw fish, marinated in lime juice. Add some intense flavours like cilantro, pepper, tomato and red onion – that’s the basic recipe. There are a lot of variations to be found in Central-America and South-America. I don’t need to tell you that you can get the best Ceviche close to the ocean: the fresher the better!

Guatemala El Paredon

Different variations
Every country has it specialties. The Peruvian is a bit spicier and dryer, where the Ceviche from Guatemala is more like a soup, with lot’s of lime- and tomato juice.

Ceviche Guatemala Michelada

Guatemala Ceviche

Most Ceviches are a mix of raw fish and crab, shrimp and more fruits de mer. In Guatemala, you can also get a conch Ceviche. Conch means ‘shell’, but on the menu it means a local specialty: a delicious sea snail. It sounds a bit weird, but it tastes great and the shells are really beautiful:

Guatemala Conch

A good Ceviche consists of fresh fish and a couple of intense flavours. Keep it fresh and simple!

Guatemala Fish

All these holiday pictures are making me crave for a local ‘Dutch’ Ceviche. The good news: the coming weekend, I’ll be making a fresh Ceviche at the Urban Farm De Schilde – with freshly picked veggies and locally caught fish.

Keep an eye on my blog for a fresh and tasty Ceviche recipe!

Ceviche Pacific Coast Guatemala

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