The Age of Aquarius, what to expect?

On December 21, 2020, the day of the winter solstice, a huge conjunction that activates the Age of Aquarius in full force will occur.

NOW is the time to jointly accelerate the process of planetary liberation and global spiritual awakening.

But what exactly does all this mean? Let’s break it down.

Planetary: what is happening?
On the December 21st, 2020 around 6:00 PM, with the highlight at 19.22 Amsterdam time, something will happen in the cosmos that has not happened for 800 years: the great conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn.

When planets in their orbit around the sun are aligned as seen from Earth, astronomers speak of a conjunction, a conjunction of celestial bodies. The most beautiful is that of Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets that are both mainly composed of gases. Then we speak of the Great Conjunction. On the shortest day of the year, December 21st, it’s that time again.

The highlight is one hour after sunset, 6 pm Dutch time. The spectacle can be seen with the naked eye if some conditions are met. The sky must be clear. Look to the southwest and do so in an open area with a clear view, because the conjunction occurs close to the horizon.

800 years ago
The last time a “Great Conjunction” was seen on Earth was on March 4, 1226. Almost eight hundred years ago. Jupiter and Saturn haven’t been so close to each other since 1623. That also ensures that the two planets will now be very bright in the sky. Jupiter brightest, a brighter dot than the stars, complemented by Saturn’s fainter light. Both can be clearly seen with the naked eye.

On December 21, they appear as one celestial body. Those who have a good telescope or binoculars can still distinguish them both in one image, and as an extra possibly observe the four moons of Jupiter – Europa, Io, Callisto and Ganymede. Portal The powerful Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21st will create a portal through which our consciousness will unite and the Aquarian age will begin. This powerful shift will gradually become visible to most.

Conjunctions are like new moons
Conjunctions bring new energy, a new start, and Aquarius is about freedom, truth, enlightenment and honoring the individual. So honoring your own uniqueness. At the same time it is a very social sign. It is therefore also about honoring society, the community and the groups to which we belong. Imagine a world where we come together as humanity, as one spirit.

We don’t have to agree on everything as long as we respect each other’s differences
and stay focused on the heart.

Because in the end we all want the same thing: live in abundance, give and receive love and feel a connection with each other and the world. This is something universal.

And when we focus on those things instead of the things that distinguish us from each other, we can unite our consciousness and a deep healing takes place.

This is how we bring everyone to this new Age Of Aquarius: an era of love, unity and empowerment.

Raising awareness
With this focus on Aquarius in the coming years and the air element in the next 200 years, we will be focusing on social progress, new concepts, intellectual development and raising our consciousness. So it’s about developing the power of our mind, both individually and collectively. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is therefore a wonderful time to honor your uniqueness and at the same time respect the differences between us as human beings without having to be divided.

What is happening on a spiritual level?
Now is the time to take the fate of the earth into your own hands. And of course the Universe has divine timing: on December 21, 2020, during the winter solstice, The Great Conjunction will take place, an important energetic vortex will open between Jupiter and Saturn.

A vortex that transforms the world, because it is: The Activation of The Age of Aquarius!
And you are an important key in this!

The Universe is calling you NOW to help, because the more people participate,
the more the process speeds up.

The ultimate goal of the Age of Aquarius is individual freedom and liberation.
After we have liberated ourselves from the collective heaviness of humanity during the Age of Pisces,
which is now drawing to a close, we gradually begin to make the transition to more and more individual freedom (Aquarius).

Let’s take a look at the previous ages
What can we expect from the Aquarian age?
Let’s try to find the answers by looking at the previous ages.

Before the Piscean age we had the Aries age, and before the Taurus age we had the Gemini age, and so on. We only have historical records dating back to the Leo era.

Age of Leo (10,800 BC to 8600 BC)
The era of Leo was thought to be the “Great Golden Age.”

This is when the Ice Age ended and the climate started to warm up again. “Warming up” = Sun (Leo).
The cultures of the world today worshiped the sun, the ruler of Leo. Sun gods and deities were given the highest reverence in this age; cat worship (especially lions) was also common.

Age of Cancer (8600 BC to 6500 BC)
The Age of Cancer was the age of the “Great Mother” and goddess worship. Statuettes of voluptuous Mother Goddesses from this period can be found all over the world. This is when matriarchal culture was at its peak. Humans started farming, which allowed them to build houses, ‘domesticate’ and settle down (house and family are symbols of Cancer). Cancer is a water sign and this era was ushered in by the great floods, as depicted by multiple myths and stories, for example Noah’s Ark or the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Age of Gemini (6500 BC to 4000 BC)
During this time, people began to develop their intellect as well as languages ​​and written communication. The Age of Gemini is also the time when people started to move and trade both crafts and ideas between tribes and different cultures.

This was the emergence of myths and stories about “Gemini” (Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, or Enki and Enlil). The Garden of Eden is a myth from the Age of Gemini. Once Adam and Eve tasted the fruit of the “tree of knowledge,” “they realized” that they were naked, and then were expelled from Eden. During this time people began to develop their intellect as well as languages ​​and written communication.

The Age of Gemini is also the time when people started to move and trade both crafts and ideas between tribes and different cultures. This was the emergence of myths and stories about “Gemini” (Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, or Enki and Enlil). The Garden of Eden is a myth from the Age of Gemini. Once Adam and Eve tasted the fruit of the “tree of knowledge,” “they became aware” that they were naked, and then were expelled from Eden.

The message of the story is that with greater awareness (intellect / Gemini) came choice and consequence

Before the Gemini era – during the Cancer Age – human consciousness was tribal, not individualistic. It was not until the Gemini Age that people began to perceive reality through duality – for example, the separation of subject and object / Gemini; this is when the individual consciousness was born.

Age of Taurus / Taurus (4000 BC to 2000 BC)
In the Age of Taurus, money and banking were invented. Money and wealth became the main drivers of growth during this time. People improved agriculture, which led to the development of cities and settled life. Bull worship was featured in many cultures at the time, as was the worship of nature spirits and fertility goddesses.

Age of Aries / Ram (2000 BC to 0 AD)
The general peacefulness seen in the Age of Taurus eventually came to an end – in the Age of Aries the Iron Age emerged with its weapons, warfare and the great military cultures. Mythology became hero-centered – by portraying the hero warrior who won their way to glory. The history of this time has left us the myths of heroes and warriors: Moses, Hercules, Spartacus, Alexander the Great. Male gods challenged the established female goddesses, and the matriarchy was replaced by the patriarchy.

The Age of Aries is also when monotheistic religions (one consciousness versus multiple gods) were born. A particularly important archetype of the Age of Aries was Moses. Moses condemned the worship of the “golden calf” – a symbol for the bull – symbolically declaring the end of the Age of Taurus and the beginning of the Age of Aries.

In addition, Moses also spoke of “what comes” once the ego’s energy is channeled through heroic actions. The process of individuation – which ultimately culminates in the ‘death of the ego’ – was a prerequisite for finding the ‘promised land’ – a metaphor for the transcendence of the Piscean Age.

The process of individuation of the Age of Aries was necessary; this is how we humans developed courage and ownership of our destiny. But once the “Aries / I-first” energy was fully embedded in our consciousness, it was time for something else. It was time for the Piscean Age. The lamb of God sacrificed at the birth of Jesus was a symbolic end to the Age of Aries and the dawn of the New Age of Pisces.

Age of Pisces (0 – 2000 AD)

After 2000 years of wars and military development, a different approach was needed. As the Piscean Age arose, humanity came to understand that ego development (from the Aries Age) was not enough; and that the ego must be channeled through something greater. The Age of Pisces introduced the concepts of surrender, compassion, kindness, charity, empathy and sacrifice. The warrior hero ideal of the Aries era evolved into the transcendent ideal of the saint. The Age of Pisces has been the era of major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

As with any astrological era, animal symbolism is strikingly literal The symbol of Christians is the fish.

Jeshua’s disciples were fishermen.

At the heart of the teachings of Yeshua (and other religious leaders) was the idea that we should love each other because we are all one.

Yeshua ushered in the Age of Pisces with his sacrifice; through sacrifice / surrender our “sins” were washed away. Pisces is indeed associated with the symbols of “sins” or “karmic baggage”, but also with the possibility of being set free from them and delivered through sacrifice and surrender. The symbol of “Pisces” is two fish swimming in different directions, but they are connected by an umbilical cord. This image is a symbol for the “ego” and “soul” which have different agendas, yet are part of the same “whole.” The higher purpose of the Piscean Age is to understand that separation is only an illusion and that we can “become whole” if we reconcile the ego and soul, or the YIN and YANG parts of our psyche. The light and the darkness. This process of reconciliation is not easy, but it is only when we find our inner unity that we will be able to consciously enter the Age of Aquarius.

Age of Aquarius / Aquarius (2000 – 4000)
As long as the ego is separated from the soul, we will not experience true inner freedom (the higher manifestation of Aquarius), but instead, we will live the division and continue to try to interact with etc) to justify one side of the story – either “the ego” or “the soul”.

But sooner or later, at the end of this’ cosmic struggle ‘, as we reconcile the YING and the YANG within ourselves, we will eventually find a’ new Renaissance ‘- or the triumph of Aquarius’ highest values: humanitarianism, wisdom, renewal and people who work towards a higher goal in love.

As we move / have gone from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, we will learn that each individual is important – not as one block of mass that is easy to maneuver (Pisces Age).

Each of us is born for a reason and we can all make our own contribution to the development of society.

Each of us can make the world a better place Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo. The Lion is the maker, the leader. Aquarius takes the unique qualities of Leo to the ‘next level’ and places them in a higher context.

“I” is replaced for “We” – so that we can create something far greater than the sum of individual efforts.

But in order to get to “We”, we must of course recognize the unique qualities of each person.

In Greek mythology, Aquarius is Prometheus, the titan god who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. The fire is of course a symbol for the light of knowledge, but also, literally, Aquarius is a symbol for electricity and other forms of renewable energy. During this new era, we can expect to discover new types of energies. Other very possible developments are artificial intelligence, space travel and connections with other life forms.

Aquarius is the most global sign of the zodiac – it rules networks and communities based on a mutual vision.

In the next 2,000 years, there will be no more room for top-down, hierarchical cultures or extreme political doctrines. Aquarius is a democratic, egalitarian sign; the types of top-down systems that have dominated our society for millennia will simply cease to work.

The Aquarian Age will come with a very different ” operating system ” – something we have not seen before: at least not in the last 26,000 years We have, of course, witnessed the influence of the Age of Aquarius since the late 18th century, with the discovery of Uranus (the modern ruler of Aquarius) also coinciding with the discovery of electricity. These Aquarius influences have since intensified, especially over the past 50 years.

Jupiter / Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020 – The Age of Aquarius 

The next “Age of Aquarius” moment is December 21, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn meet for the first time in millennials, at 0 ° Aquarius. 

What are the chances that the 2 slowest moving visible planets of our solar system will meet exactly in the 1st degree of Aquarius? 

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020 may well be that final “cosmic push” that will mark the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius…

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