Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you feel inspired by my recipes and workouts, maybe you have even tried one? Here’s a little more about me.

Born in the Spring of 1986, I’m a health freak – living in The Hague, The Netherlands – that loves to work out, run, practise hot yoga, go to the beach, surf, cook, write about and photograph food. I work fulltime as a Social Media Manager & Content Creative for a digital agency in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Blogging has always been a part of my job and it was only natural to start sharing my passion for food, food photography and healthy living in general on a personal blog. The main goal: inspire others. I hope that someday in the future, I can make a living out of blogging & photographing. I’m far from that, but who knows. Dream big, right?

I’ve started blogging in English in September 2013 to reach as many people as possible. My English is OK but not perfect. If you see any typo’s, please promise to let me know? In the beginning of 2014 I’ve started to also share my blogs in Dutch: www.rosalieruardy.nl.

The best version of YOU
I hope my blog inspires you to find the best version of you. We all have one body, one life. Make it count. Get the best out of it – out of you. Treat your body & mind well. Nourish it. Love it. Move it. Make it work hard. Let’s make your body & mind the healthiest possible. On my blog I’ll share all things healthy – from food, drinks, workouts and reviews to curated travel stories for healthy foodies.

My Recipes 
You’ll find lot’s of green juices, smoothies, oatmeals and easy raw salads on my blog. Almost all my recipes are vegetarian & lot’s of them are vegan too. I’m not a vegan, but I try to eat as less meat & dairy as possible. When I do eat either of those, I go for organic.

My Workouts
In August 2014, I’ve decided that it was time for a new challenge: the marathon of Rotterdam in 2015. April the 12th is the day! Aside from running, I practise hot yoga about 3 times a week. I’ve also worked out with a personal trainer and am now looking into the world of CrossFit. I’ll be sharing my workouts and progress on Instagram almost daily and monthly on my blog.

What would you do if you would win the lottery? If you would have enough money to do whatever you want? I would buy a ticket to Australia or Asia and travel the world from there. I would search for the best healthy hotspots, enjoy yoga retreats, meditation courses, learn to surf, kite surf, dive at the most beautiful spots… I hope that I can make this dream come true somehow. That some years from now, I will be able to live out of my blog and travel the world – and write about it. Review healthy hotspots, cute hippie villages, beautiful eco hotels. Before I can make this happen, I need to practice ;). So every now and then, you will see some of my travel stories come by. My healthy foodie guide about Hamburg is a good example.

Love social media! Follow, like, love, tweet and connect with me on the following channels:

My recipes and blogs can also be found on:

Moderne Hippies
Superfoods For You
Superfood Market

Work with me 
Are you looking for some kind of collaboration? Would you like to work with me? Think product reviews / guest blogs / photography courses / social media courses / you name it. Contact me and we’ll talk: mail@rosalieruardy.com

Have fun & enjoy browsing through my blog!


Rosalie Ruardy // Blogger

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Guus Nelissen says:

    Hoi Rosalie, via facebook kan ik geen berichtjes meer naar je sturen dus dan maar even zo. Ik was benieuwd hoe je ervaringen met de beebox waren? ik heb helemaal geen review of reactie meer voorbij zien komen dus misschien kun je mij even mailen?

    Vriendelijke groet,

    Guus Nelissen
    marketing beebox

    1. Hi guus! Op het moment ben ik op vakantie, had al laten weten dat mijn review eind november online zou staan :). Heb er onwijs van genoten, prachtige box! De foto’s en ervaringen volgen dus eind november!

  2. Tamara Gerits says:

    Het ziet er allemaal heerlijk uit en zo mooi van kleur!
    Maar ik had een vraagje!
    Waar doe jij je boodschappen? Want je werkt toch met veel speciale ingrediënten?

    Groetjes uit belgië

    Tamara Gerits

    1. Hey Tamara! Bedankt :). Ja, vooral bij Ekoplaza en Marqt, daarnaast bij De Tuinen en binnenkort bij Marks&Spencer!

  3. April Murray says:

    Rosalie, your blog looks wonderful. I am excited to try your recipes!
    Looking forward to following you,

  4. Sophie33 says:

    I really love your cool blog! Greetings from a Foodie from Mechelen. 😀 we have similar recipes on our blogs, come on over any time. 😃

    1. Thanks, sounds good will check it out :D!

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