Thank you for visiting my blog. 
My name is Rosalie, born in The Hague, The Netherlands on the 3rd of June 1986 at 12.02pm.

Since 2012 I have been on this great Awakening journey. 

Long story short: it started with watching documentaires and asking questions  (like Food Inc) and it was greatly accelerated by my first Magic Mushroom trip in the jungle of Palenque, Mexico in 2016. That same year, Mother Ayahuasca gave me some great insights. The biggest one being: go from living in your head, to living with your heart. 

Next to the great insights that plant medicine gave me, from 2016 to 2019 I went through a lot of sh*t. Like breaking the Talus bone in my foot (and this not being noticed by doctors, I walked on it for 8 months, which caused immense pain and great damage to my bones and joints and it had to be broken again and fixed when I found out it was broken after all). This accident caused me to cancel my 1 year trip to Australia. In the same time that I broke my foot I also was suffering from a burn-out. I lost my job and had to live with my parents because I needed medical care. Just 6 months before this all, I went through a ugly break-up which broke my heart into a thousand pieces. This was all needed to transform into the person that I am still ‘becoming’. In fact, I think it is about remembering.

Things turned quickly when I met the right people who lifted me up again. I started to work at a small spiritual shop in The Hague and went to a lot of festivals and great parties, dancing, glittering, facepainting and also giving sound ceremonies. 

Right now, I work as a online communications & marketing manager at the company of my Twin Flame (Con Amore) and we are looking for land in The Netherlands to build a lush food forest and a spiritual healing centre focussed on healthy food, meditation and music. 

Good things are happening. And this is just the start… 

For me it works to follow my intuition and do what I feel is best for me. I listen to my inner voice and connect to my higher self to feel/know if something is right for me. This is done through stillness, meditation and being as pure as possible: eating as healthy as possible. I follow the advice of Medical Medium regarding food.

I hope my posts will shine a bright light on these strange but beautiful times. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it is needed. 
Transformation doesn’t happen without growing pains.
I also learned this the hard way. Now it is happening on a collective level. 

We are at the dawn of the New Earth. How beautiful is that?

YOU have chosen to be here at this time. You are here for a reason.
And the best part is: you can’t fail.
Just by being here, you are already fulfilling your soul contract.
You are learning, growing, evolving. 

Old systems are crashing down.
It is now more important than ever to keep your vibration up.
To stay focussed on what gives you joy, what makes your heart sing. 

Turn inwards and listen to your own wisdom. YOUR truth. 

I hope my posts can help you along the way. 

With love and light, 
Rosalie Ruardy 

P.S. my English is OK but not perfect. If you see any typo’s, please promise to let me know

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Guus Nelissen says:

    Hoi Rosalie, via facebook kan ik geen berichtjes meer naar je sturen dus dan maar even zo. Ik was benieuwd hoe je ervaringen met de beebox waren? ik heb helemaal geen review of reactie meer voorbij zien komen dus misschien kun je mij even mailen?

    Vriendelijke groet,

    Guus Nelissen
    marketing beebox

    1. Hi guus! Op het moment ben ik op vakantie, had al laten weten dat mijn review eind november online zou staan :). Heb er onwijs van genoten, prachtige box! De foto’s en ervaringen volgen dus eind november!

  2. Tamara Gerits says:

    Het ziet er allemaal heerlijk uit en zo mooi van kleur!
    Maar ik had een vraagje!
    Waar doe jij je boodschappen? Want je werkt toch met veel speciale ingrediënten?

    Groetjes uit belgië

    Tamara Gerits

    1. Hey Tamara! Bedankt :). Ja, vooral bij Ekoplaza en Marqt, daarnaast bij De Tuinen en binnenkort bij Marks&Spencer!

  3. April Murray says:

    Rosalie, your blog looks wonderful. I am excited to try your recipes!
    Looking forward to following you,

  4. Sophie33 says:

    I really love your cool blog! Greetings from a Foodie from Mechelen. 😀 we have similar recipes on our blogs, come on over any time. 😃

    1. Thanks, sounds good will check it out :D!

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